Friday, April 22, 2011

Another adventure brought to you by Girl Scouts....

This week is spring break around here so most of the kids are out of school. One of the moms of a girl in our scout troop arranged for the girls to go to visit the nursing home where she works, today. Field trip for us, since we are wrapping our last week of school. So we piled up six girls from our troop and headed out early this morning. We had planned to work in their garden, planting flowers but the weather had turned cold and rainy so that was nixed. But one of the activity workers went to the store and got plastic cups, dirt and flower seeds that the residents could plant and put on the window sills. Faith came in holding hands with her partner in crime and best buddy and stole the show. She hugged the neck of every person who crossed her path and was instantly drawn to a sixty year old man named Alvin, who had cerebral palsy! She charmed her way through all the little old ladies and even suckered one out of a pocketful of peppermints! Interestingly enough, the mints were an old brand of mints that my grandmother was notorious for carrying in her own pocket, and I had been looking for about eight years but had been unable to get my hands on! We called them "I love you" mints because they had it inscribed on the wrapper. I was so excited! Faith got to take her turn helping several women fill their little cups with dirt and seeds. She really enjoyed digging in the dirt! Then she sat down with the girls, on the floor and listened to one lady tell about her days as a girl scout in the fourties. Of course, Faith had to show off her sign language skills to the crowd and impress them all. One lady gave her a little paper crown to wear and about three ladies in wheelchairs offered to hold her in their laps! When we got ready to leave we found out that one lady was celebrating her 100th birthday, today, so we had to go sing her happy birthday! On, our way out of town we stopped at McD's for some lunch for the kids. They all decided that they needed ice cream even though it was like 50 degrees outside! One of the moms offered to buy Faith an ice cream but I turned her down because I knew it would be a big mess, but our troop leader got her one a cone! I shouldn't have denied her because it was the funniest thing ever! She got into that cone and had the time of her life! She stuck her whole face right into the ice cream! It was in her nose and on her cheeks and chin. She kept sticking her front teeth into it and making that terrible face that you make with an ice cream headache but then she would laugh and do it again. We must have used a tree worth of napkins and wipes. She had so much fun and even though it was a mess to clean up, I had a blast watching her and so did everyone else.


The Henrys said...

That sounds like an amazing day Candace! I bet she just loved that ice cream!

Katy said...

Well, those girl scouts really get it done, don't they? Every time you write about Faith and the Girl Scouts, it warms my heart.

Jenna said...

HI AMazing Faith!
My name is Jenna and I came across your site. U are a brave courageous fighter and an inspirational hero! That is so nice that Faith had a great time at the nursing home! Sounds like the residents got lots of attention that day. I am sure they all loved her.
I was born with a rare life threatening disease. Many physical disabilites, developemental delays and besides the life threatening disease all together I have 13 medical conditions.

VP said...
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VP said...

Hi, Sorry if I am posting this in wrong section.

I come across your site through Google search and I would like to donate some money.

Could you please let me know how would I do that.

I couldn't find and contact details here or a page for donation.

Kind regards

Cheryl said...

Missing your posts. Praying you and Faith are doing well.

Love and Hope,

Unknown said...

What an exciting day for both the seniors and the girl scouts! Faith sounds like an incredibly sweet, charming girl. In case you or she ever needs any cerebral palsy resources, check out the website linked - I find it to be really helpful. Hope you do too! Good luck to both of you :)