Monday, May 3, 2010

Ipad apps....

Ok, forgive me for not getting up on this sooner, we have been extremely busy. Below are a list of apps we have been downloading for Faith to try:

Look to learn: An AAC app for simple communications like "I want" things. You can download your own pictures to add to the list. You can also download pics to make a sort of story for teaching steps to learn something. You can customize the voices and several other topics but you can't really change the "I want" category....everything is "I want"....... This app is $25. I like the options to add pictures which we did but I wish you could change the I want category to be a little more functional.

Fish School: Just a fun educational set of games for young children. Fish move around in ABC forms and 123's, you can play with the fish and make them big or swim fast. The voices for this app are really cute and Faith loves this one! Very interactive and great for little kids. This one is .99

First words: This app is not worth spending your .99 on. It does show about 40 flashcard style pictures in categories but there is no sound or words or anything. Very disappointed.

Animals Soundpad: A very simple app with about 20 flashcard style animal pictures on one screen that can't be changed. When you press the animals they make the appropriate sounds. It's a cute one that Faith likes. I wish the pictures were bigger because she cannot isolate individual pictures but she likes that she can push a bunch all at the same time and they all make their sounds. This one was .99 (but there is a free similar one that is much better)

Trucks- ipad edition: A free app that shows big pictures of different heavy trucks and says the names. Faith likes this one but it is very simple.

Vocal Zoo Gold: A free app that is similar to the Animal soundpad but better. You can rotate your device and get different views. Horizontal will give you rows of animals and when you touch them you get the sounds. Vertical will show individual animals with their sounds and the word spoken. We love this app!

All of the ABA flashcards apps: Faith loves these, we downloaded several on Friday, the last day of the freebies. We got to keep them, so we are extra happy! Faith really enjoys the clear and beautiful pictures, her favorites are the ones that have the music. All the ones we have are wonderful! Worth the .99 per app!

Tap2Talk: Ok people....This app is a very simple free version of the recently released AAC PECS. This program is an AAC system specifically for Nintendo DS and DS lite! Very cool program for children who do not have dexterity issues and a cheap way for families to help their kids. For the Nintendo's the price is $99 per year. It's very cool! Now, the app for ipad is very SIMPLE but a good starter for kids just learning how to use AAC/PECS.

We started Faith's new AAC therapy yesterday. I have a whole list of other things to talk about but it will have to wait for a less busy day.


Jen said...

The first words deluxe is excellent, that costs €3.99 not sure how much in $. That might be a good one to try if you are looking for something instead of the first words one. It really is excellent, I can let you know more about it if you want, just won't do it here and bore people:) Is it ok if I take some of the info on the good apps and put it on my FB page? I just started an FB page for this kind of info, to help people out with making choices for the apps:) Jen.

Sherry C said...

So exciting ... I wish they were shipping to Canada!!
Thanks for sharing all this info I'll be back to reread this when I finally get one. Not sure if ipod touch app will work on the ipad if so you may want to download Matching Zoo it's a animal matching game for kids and makes the animal noise when flip over the cards it's fun for moms too. It was free too.

Jen said...

Hiya Candace, sorry for the delay in getting back to you about this, busy times in our house this last week or so:) I got lazy and copied and pasted your observations directly to the Facebook Page I set up, it is valuable information for others. This is the link to it:!/pages/Team-iPage/119305611422147
If you are not on FB no worries, I will go and get you the info and email it to you, there are a few we love here. Thanks for letting me do this, it is great to be able to get opinions I can trust :D Jen.

jocalyn said...

kendall got her ipad today! thanks so much for posting definitely got us started! keep us posted on anything else you discover :)

you probably have no idea...but your blog is such a HUGE resource guide for me always! thank you!!