Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What $8.00 will get you....

A little late spring fun....

Faith's cousins came over for dinner, Sunday night. I made a little Mediterranean for dinner and stopped by the dollar store for a kiddie pool.

Faith had so much fun. She could have spent all night in that silly little $8 pool!

Her cousins had fun too but they both are a little high strung and can't really behave. So they were extricated from the pool after about half a hour!
We have been working on getting grass to grow for over three years in our back yard and no matter what we did it wouldn't grow. But this year, we finally got it started. So I spend every night watering the daylights out of it. But Faith gets so bored and frustrated.
I think this is my new weapon to keep her happy while I do a little yard work. I can just put a few inches of water in there and she can't get out but she is happy!

Tonight, we let her get in for a while after dinner. She kept pouring the water out of the pool with her little watering can. She thought it was hilarious to try to pour it on our feet and on the dog and on the cat! By the time she got out, Carl and I were mostly soaked.

We are recovering from our trip by
doing absolutely NOTHING this week!
I am taking every one's advice from a few weeks ago.
We haven't left the house since Sunday afternoon.
We have NO appointments and NO ONE knows we are back in town, so no phone calls either. I am going to try to lay low for as long as possible.


The Henrys said...

Yeah! Good for you for taking the week off and keeping the secret that you are home! I hope you guys get good rest and have some good times!

Sherry C said...

The pool looks like fun I'm sure my Ashley and her baby brother would that too. Enjoy your quiet week.

Mo said...

Enjoy your peace and quiet...even if you do get soaked while doing it!

Alicia said...

Awwww, I love how happy she is to be playing in the water! What a great smile she has!

TherExtras said...

Woohoo for living incognito!

Love that $8 provides such happiness - with more to come as you do your yardwork! Very cool! Barbara

Jen said...

The pool is a great idea and sure isn't she helping you water your lovely grass, even if she does happen to get most of it on your feet:) Glad you are taking it easy this week, hope you have a lovely relaxing week:) Jen.