Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well, I thought my entire week would be carefree and lazy, last week. It didn't quite end like that but HEY, a few days is better than NO days, right? I have been doing lots and lots of end research preparing for our first year of homeschooling so I haven't had much time to lay down a post in several days. In S.C., we have three options to h.s.: 1)School district approved prgm oversight by school district 2) Use an option two h.s. association approved by the state that requires testing of kids, very involved curriculum approval process' and VERY expensive membership dues 3) Option three....the only option that makes any sense if you are going to all this trouble...Join an Opt. 3 H.S. association, with no less than fifty members and follow their group rules, which are required by the state.
  1. Keep a plan book or diary
  2. Keep attendance, must be at least 180 days
  3. Do a bi annual review/progress report
  4. Attend a twice yearly check off where other group members review your records
  5. Include reading, writing, math and science

This is a very brief explanation but of course, we chose to go with an option three group. We had three groups we were looking at. Two state wide groups and one local group, here in our county. Saturday we went to a check off meeting to meet the group in our county. They were all very nice and VERY helpful. The leader gave me lots of great ideas to work with Faith and another parent there showed me her plan books and how she prepared them. Great stuff! They were very accepting of Faith and told me that they had several special needs families in their group. They gave me tons of good field trip ideas for her for this year and made great suggestions of what I should work on with her. (Let me say, I know a LOT of this stuff in theory but how to do it and follow state law and requirements for the group was a little different story) They also gave me a phone number for a wonderful mom whose son has cerebral palsy and told me that she would be happy to talk to me. So I feel a LOT more confident and at peace with our decisions and very happy that we have a local group, to get advice and help in our first year and some families with kids like Faith. VERY RELIEVED! I started work on my plan book and after setting it up...I have 16 categories! I might need to pare this down a little...LOL!

BTW: I did call that mom and yesterday, we got together. She was so nice and her son was the most like Faith of any kid I ever met, even though he is much older than her. He still gets around his house walking on his knees or crawling like Faith does! You should have seen her face, watching another kid do that! She was right on his heels! He was incredibly smart and could tell me anything about the space program that I could ever imagine! They even gave Faith this cool piece of equipment called a wagon walker by Kaye products. It's this little push cart style walker for bigger kids and it has a wooden basket for toys on the front. You never saw a kid so happy! She has been pushing that thing around ever since! They had it waiting at the front door for her when we arrived! SO NICE! She showed me lots of stuff she did with her son when he was little and gave me a lot of confidence. We spent about 4 hours together and were instantly friends. She told me to call her anytime.

So all in all, our decisions are pretty much all made, I feel SO much better and we even made some new friends!

Horse stickers courtesy of Faith, she helped by choosing stickers and placement...


Jen said...

Thats great Candance, well done. I bet it's a load of your mind to have this sorted now. So lucky to get the support from other parents too, it will be very valuable. Show us a photo of the wagon if you have one:) Jen.

Mo said...

I admire your will to homeschool Faith. It stresses me to even think about being Oia's teacher so hats off to you. Very glad you have a sound start and guidance when you need it...very important.

The Henrys said...

Wow Candace!! You have done so much work and are so dedicated to doing this for Faith. You are a super mom!

I am so happy that you found a local group and that you connected with another mother of a child with special needs. It is great that Faith saw another child like her and that they have become friends too.

I am so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! What a blessing to have such support. The regulations are a bit more than I would have guessed. But everything they require is probably recommended.


Territory Mom said...

You are so organized. Great job. Here's a lady you should know, Cindy Downes

She can answer any homeschool questions or point you in the right direction. Good luck!

Alicia said...

I give you credit and kudos for homeschooling. I wish I had the patience and determination to do it. It certainly takes a special kind of parent and I think you'll do great!

So glad you got together with your friend and her son. It is so important to be able to connect with those who know your struggle.

Katy said...

Fantastic. You're going to take to planning like a duck to water--I just know it! Can't wait to hear more about this journey. You know, You could bring your notebook to Faith's appointments and sit outside and plan while's she in there.

Lisa said...

Hi, I blog hopped my way here. :) Nice to meet you and your girl. I am a SC girl myself but am living in Louisiana.

I wish I had seen your contest about Medical Miracles when you posted it. You can read back in my blog to find out how my son's brain damage at birth saved his life last summer. Really.

Take care,