Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can I please have an extra day in the week?

Ever since Faith came into the world, my time has been consumed by doctor's appointments, specialists, surgeries, research, therapies and driving thousands of miles.
Therapy takes up the largest amount of our time, as it does in most of your households. Unfortunately, we have a crazy long drive to each over an hour, one way. This week, we started Faith's AAC therapy to teach her to use her iPad. So here is a rundown of our new therapy schedule.
Monday: OT-10am-11am....30min drive
AAC therapy-12pm-12:45....another 50 minutes from previous therapy
Pool therapy-1:45pm-2:30.....15 min from previous therapy
Wednesday: PT-1:15pm.....1+ hour drive, one way
ST-2:00-2:45pm, same place
Friday: Therapeutic riding: 11am....45 mins away
This is just our therapy schedule, not including doctors or evals or Girl Scouts or Parent Fundraising responsibility for our therapy center or say....
cleaning my house, feeding my husband (and myself), feeding the dog or getting some sleep.
Oh and did I mention we are preparing to start homeschooling in a few months?
ARGGGGGG! I just need a few more hours or even an extra day to get all this stuff in!
I know I bring all of this stuff on myself (or Faith, as the case may be) but I feel like I should take advantage of everything they offer for her. You never know when the state's medicaid system is going to fall flat on it's face and all of us will lose all of our therapies! Really I am complaining about my driving time, I think. I spend most of my time in the car and it feels like that is precious time I could be doing 50,000 other things. I figured out we spend no less than 10 hours each week in the car...about 400-500 miles each week. The last two years I have put 70,000 miles on my car...and I wasn't going to the mall, people!
Anyone feel like sending me a chauffeur?


The Henrys said...

Poor Canadace, it sounds like you need to take a day off. Just one day off can make all the difference in the world. Faith might like it too. Plan a special day of staying in your pjs watching some movies or just playing with Faith. Sounds like fun to me!

I remember going to therapy all the time too, and it gets exhausting. I hated missing days and very rarely took time off, so I know how hard it is.

Lisa said...

The driving is what gets to me too... and I'm not driving as much as you! If you do find that extra day...can you let me know? I think I could use it too. :)

Joey said...

May God continue to rain down His strength and peace onto you and his Absolute Healing Power onto your daughter. Tcar, stay strong and God bless.

April said...

You're a pretty special Taxi driver, that's for sure :)

Jen said...

It is hard going staying on the merrygoround sometimes. If you had a break of even a week you would catch up on all your stuff as you are so used to being efficient with your time. I could do with an extra day in the week too:) Jen.

TherExtras said...

There are loads of online resources for homeschooling - I see them all the time and I don't even look for them. Homeschool bloggers often post about how they organize their time.

Looks like you have no regular appts on Tues - ? If you could get another day for the therapeutic riding, maybe you could have Fridays appt free, too.

I agree that the driving seems not productive, but when Faith works up to some independence with the iPad? Having hope for Faith. Barbara

Katy said...

The drive thing makes me nuts too--I just wish the time could be used for something other that sitting!