Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grandpa and Faith...

One of the good things that have happened to us, even in this tradgedy, is a renewed relationship with my dad. For the last 20 years, my dad and I have had a somewhat rocky relationship. Part of that time, we were not in much contact. Then, this aweful thing happened and one day, my dad was on my doorstep.

Ever since, we talk every day and he has been there in ways that he never was in my life, growing up. A big point of contention for me, was that he was always standoff-ish with Faith. I never knew why, but it always irratated me and I held it against him for a long time. But in the last 8 months, I have seen my dad get wrapped around Faith's little finger. She gets so excited when we head over to Grandpa's house and when she gets to his house, she rushes over to his recliner and begs him to put her in it, with a pillow and a blankie and rock her. It is SO stinkin' cute! He has learned a lot about her conditions and helps me out whenever he goes with us.

Evertime she gets out of the car, Faith reaches for Grandpa's hand, it is so sweet. So we took a trip out to Charles town Landing and Grandpa took Faith down into the ship. It was so nice because I have a hard time climbing stairs, especially steep ones and I could never have gotten her down there. Now that Faith is walking, her world is opening up in ways she has never experienced and getting her up close and hands on is wonderful!

It surely warms my heart to see Faith have a relationship with my dad and to see his heart soften to her. He even joked the other day that Faith was a babe magnet!


Cheryl said...

It is so difficult to go through trials, but it is also such a blessing when God encourages us to go on with sweet happenings. I'm so happy for you and Faith and your father that you are growing closer to one another.

With love and Hope,

Territory Mom said...

I agree with Cheryl. I know when we hit a rough patch it just means greater blessings are waiting for us. So glad your dad is in your life and Faith's. Truly a blessing.

The Henrys said...

I'm so glad your father has been there for you and has gotten so close with Faith. Gracie thinks my dad is the greatest thing on earth. It is sweet watching them together.