Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Now for a little shameless self promotion...

So I have finally set up an Etsy shop to try to earn some money. I am asking all my friends to go check it out....

and if you see something you like maybe come buy something. I can make custom collars besides the ones pictured.

Last year I taught myself how to make handmade dog collars..just for fun. I have made lots of them but mostly just given them away or put them on my pooches.

Each collar is one of a kind, no two are alike and they are adjustable. I pick all kinds of funky patterned ribbons and patches and colors to make them and use heavyweight thread and extra stitching on the edges for added safety.

I named my shop...what else?....Collars for FAITH.

I jokingly told my family I was gonna name it Dog collars for Divorce.
Hmmm...maybe I should rethink that.

Seriously, though the money will go to support me and Faith and maybe if I can do well with it we can survive. I am asking $12 for them.

If you go to Etsy's website and type in handmade dog collars or collars for faith, you should find it no problem and tell your friends too, maybe pass the word around and help me get the word out.


Coley said...

Awesome job on the collars. I favorited your shop and will be back when I have a little blow money and can buy Noah's pup a fancy Clemson-y collar. ;)