Friday, December 18, 2009

HELP...I need somebody....HELP!

The past 2 days have been very rocky, in the Hudson house. Yesterday was my birthday...YES...the big 3-2! I know, I know! Carl had asked off that day b/c we had the neuro appointment. Well, first of all we had a very busy day and had plans to get up and leave the house by 7:30 am. We woke at 7:45am, overslept that's to HUBBY! Then amidst out rush to get out the door, Faith had another seizure. Her second in the last week. Now these really worry me b/c of her tumor. We have been trying to space out the MRI's but we just can't seem to do it. Anyway, I had my list all ready to grill the neurologist but when he came in the room, I just fell apart. I cried like a baby....about everything. I knew I was falling down that crying hole when we were waiting in the room, I could feel it coming, but I tried to hold it in. TRIED, being the operative word. So I looked like a basket case and everything pretty much went out the window from there. I told him I was so worn out from worrying about her seizures and he said...."Well, isn't that what we do as parents..Worry about our kids?" YES, folks, he actually said that to me! So nothing went like I was hoping. He agreed to a repeat EEG, MRI and Tegretol levels, though. He also said "Well, her seizures have never been under good control." So don't you think this should be a priority? They have continued to get worse and it is interrupting our lives! So, they scheduled the EEG for next Monday the 28th and promised to call with an MRI appt. We got the call about 3 pm with an appt for today! The same day as our big Shriner's appt! We couldn't say no b/c they had pulled strings to get us in (despite me telling them I COULD NOT do Friday!) So we had to go in to Shriner's early. We got the casts off for good! WONDERFUL! Her feet look great...NO inpatient rehab...FANTASTIC! The only down side is she has to wear her splints every night for 6 months! We were hoping for 3 or 4 but I guess we can live with it. Then off to the MRI, which was another Battle Royale! Confusion about appt. and feeding. Which set me off seriously! I told the nurse I was talking to "don't speak to me like I am a moron!" Carl almost fell on the floor laughing at me! I was so upset, but we did get things worked out and the MRI. So now we wait...maybe a week maybe just a few days. I don't know yet. Hopefully we will not get any bad news before Christmas. I am holding out for that. I had leftover pizza and chicken noodle soup for my birthday dinner. LOL! That's all I can do. Nothing has been going right lately. I have been trying to get this present ready that no matter how hard I try or how many trips I make something goes wrong! ARGGGG. I need some positive thoughts!!!


Karen said...

Hi Candace,

Hang in there! Remember to cling to God through these rough times. I am telling myself that right now too! Praying the Lord will bring you encouragement as well as touch Faith and bring her seizures under control.

Blessings To You,

Amber said...

I'm so sorry! What yuck!! I see so much of myself in you...hang in there friend..Lots of positive thoughts...and prayers coming your way. :0)

Katy said...

I am SO sorry. That sounds pretty rough. I really do think that neuros are just way too blase about seizures--I know they see them all the time, but MAN they're scary.