Monday, December 14, 2009

HOW many days til Christmas?

This Christmas season, I have been quite slack. I did buy my two nephews their presents a couple of weeks ago but they were my firsts and as of today, I still only have 6 people's gifts done. I still lack at least 8 more some that require shipping! ARG! I know my problem is logistics, this year. It is so much work getting Faith in and out of the car... it's like a three ring circus! I can usually manage one or two stores but that's about it. I just feel like buying gift cards for everyone! LOL! We are entirely toooooo busy this week so I don't know when I am going to get all this done. We have at least 2 appointment every day this week except tomorrow. Friday, Faith gets her casts off for good! So excited! Our biggest present, this year, is a group present for Grandpa from all the kiddo's. A BIG picture of all the children, together, done in Tintii, so just certain colors will show up. Thing is, we missed to day to get together and do the pics, so we have to wrangle that THIS week. Did I mention, ARG! We decided to do a portable dvd player for Faith, this year. She doesn't watch tv, really. A couple of animal shows and "Signing Time" videos- that's about it. But with as much traveling as we do, we thought she could do some educational dvd's and it also plays picture cd's- which she loves to look at. So I snagged one at a great deal on good ole' Ebay! My other great find was also on Ebay, sterling silver charms with ASL letters signed out. So each of her therapists are getting one with their initial. And only $6 each! Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. SO, what's your best Christmas find?


Katy said...

I'm totally doing the lazy woman's X-mas this year and I'm fine with that. Just one kind of ornament on the tree, lots of bags to avoid wrapping and all my shopping was doen online. MY kind of Christmas.

Carla said...

t worry about shopping for Christmas & there is nothing wrong with a gift card:) I did most of my shopping from this year:)

Beverly said...

nice tree. I have only bought for Noah so far. I could care less if I get for anyone else at this point. LOL I do need to get the cards mailed though.

Anonymous said...

I picked up a vegetarian cookbook for Younger Teen today for $1.99. I bought both of ours something from etsy last summer and just wrapped them tonight. I need to get some small something more for CollegeSon - who will be home tomorrow!

I've got LOTS to do if not gifts!