Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bele Chere, follow up.

Today was our annual trip to Bele Cher (see previous post) in Asheville NC. We got there early and before too many people were there. We actually found a FREE handicap parking space near everything! We had alot of fun watching the AirDogs jumping and even saw a black st. poodle give it a try. Once Faith saw that dog, she thought it was Gandalf and we had to go meet the dog. It was so cute, a bunch of people with their dogs brought them over for Faith to get to see. We were so excited to find this girl who was selling this line of t shirts that say "Carolina Girls are sweeter than the tea". Now Carl, my hubby, is a sweet tea afficiando! So we had to get one for her! Pink and OH SO SWEET! She was so proud of her shirt! The girl who owned the booth even took Faith's picture to use for her advertising!
Then, this is the coolest thing, they had a massage therapy practice offering free massages, so I asked if they would do Faith. So they did! We were lucky to get the lady and she was AWESOME! She came right over to Faith and introduced herself and Faith reached out for her!! SHOCKED, we were! We got Faith on the massage chair and within a minute she was more relaxed than I can ever remember! She just smiled and smiled and would turn and grin at the woman. Then the woman said " That is the reason I came out here today, was to meet Faith and do this for her!" I just about cried!
Then we found a family who was doing a percussion program for toddlers and Faith got to participate. She got to hold these hollow plastic tubes and bang them together. She was going right along with the beat of the other people! SO CUTE!
We did have a bad experience with the children's area rides. They wouldn't let Carl take her down the inflated slide. We even went to the owner of the rides but it got ugly and Carl ended up throwing the ticket at the man and releasing some inapropriate things to him. We were very upset and we left after that.
All in all, we did have a good time. The weather was very cool, which is unheard of this time of year!
PS. Faith lost her second tooth, yesterday afternoon!
I am going to give a shameless plug to Cosmic Groove- The massage therapy group
Also to Sweet Tea clothing company-
Thanks for your kindness to our daughter!


Beverly said...

that sounds so great! I would love Noah to get a message too but not sure how he would do? glad you all had a good time!

Cjengo said...

what cute pics of your daughter.