Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Therapy Day

Ah, therapy! Wed. are our major therapy days. Faith did really good in speech, today. She used to never try to make sounds in speech. It was like "pulling teeth"! Today, she had probably her best day ever! She tried to imitate most of what her therapist asked her to. She also is doing pretty darn good with her Sounds In Motion program, trying to make the signs with the sounds. I was sooo proud of her; then we got to physical therapy. We have a new p.t., and Faith is giving her all kinds of trouble. She wouldn't let anyone touch her feet or legs or arms, w/o going stiff as a board and holding her breath! I felt so bad for our p.t.. I suspect Faith has been going through this stubborn faze for a few months. And it just happens to be getting worse when we get a new pt! She doesn't like anyone to try to make her do any thing that feels weird or is out of her comfort zone. She has been bunny hopping for almost 3 years and as far as she is concerned that is the ONLY method of transportation! SO that means no transitions, no scooting, no weight bearing on feet or otherwise. And may God help you if you try to make her. She turns into "Boardgirl", stiff as one, you can't move her or get her to even sit up. I know it's hard and uncomfortable, I just don't know how to break through. We try toys, mirrors, bubbles, stuffed animals and nothing works!
Who Knows? KIDS!!!! When I got home I just wanted to fall over and not move all night!
Oh, wait I have to do this all over again next week????!!!!!!!!!! GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Katy said...

HI! Nice to meet you! You asked me how to most a link--basically, when you're typing your post, highlight the part you want and then click on the little symbol with a world and a piece of chain link. A box will pop open and you type the link in there.

Your daughter looks like she's really doing well. I love that I'm finding blogs with older kids--helps me get a little glimpse of the future.