Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reaching Out!

So, today, Faith had an appointment at the dermatologist. We got there at about 2 pm, half hr before her appt. The waiting room was FULL, about 40 people! We waited for over an hr and 40 mins. for a less than 10 min. appt.! I digress, anyway, we met this really sweet older lady, sitting next to us. She was probably in her 70's. Now, you can get a mixed bag with elderly folks, some are really nice and accepting, others not so much! I guess a product of the generation they grew up in. This lady was super sweet, she spoke directly to Faith and interacted with her for over an hr. She kept talking about how smart and quick to learn, Faith was. (Who IS this person and where has she been for the last 5 yrs) Now Faith can be slow to warm up to people, she plays shy, sometimes. But this time she reached out for the woman and offered her prized poodle toy! She showed off by hugging the toy and making it dance for the woman. She pointed to the different body parts when asked and responded to questions that she was asked. The lady asked about school, now this can be tricky b/c some people are supportive and some (again) not so much! I explained about the SC waiver and homeschooling next yr. She was so positive! She thought it was a great idea and then told me that she had a niece who was profound and was in school and how unhappy her family was with her situation. She just thought it was great that Faith was going to be taught at home! WOW! A room full of people and I just happen to sit next to such a nice lady! Faith was so smitten with her that when we finally checked out, the lady was checking out too and Faith waved to her and called out to her for attention! She said to Faith " I will always remember you!" I wanted to cry! It was so nice to not be judged and for Faith to make a friend on her own! It was great. Thank you, God, for this special woman.


Beverly said...

how great that you met some one so nice! I love when we run into people like that, who are touched by Noah. It does want to make you cry. thanks for sharing

Amy Genn said...

That's awesome! what a heartwarmign story. :)