Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Last night, after more than two weeks of WIGGLING, Faith finally lost her first baby tooth! I was home with her by myself and I made a game to get her to let me wiggle it. I gave her a box of Kleenex and every time she let me wiggle it, I let her pull out a tissue. This is one of her favorite things to do. Eventually, I could see it was just about out and I reached in and pulled. Out it came, she didn't even cry! When I first found out her tooth was loose, all I wanted to do was cry. For my BABY growing up, for me getting older, for all the hard times that tooth had seen. Stupid, I know, but over the last couple of weeks I got better. So we put her tooth in a zippy bag and under her pillow. I know she had know idea what in the world we were doing putting a tooth under a pillow!! She doesn't get money, so we had the GENIOUS idea to give her a zippy bag full of baby wipes! BABY WIPES, you say? Well, yes, she loves them and we really don't let her play with them much. Remember the tissues? Well, same concept, she can pull them out of the bag til her little heart is content! She was so excited this morning! DARLING! My big girl!