Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Congnitive Testing

Today, was Faith's first round of actual testing at the Dev. Behavioral Peds. She was working with a young lady, who is finishing up her residency, next month. The girl was very good with Faith, I was worried that Faith wouldn't do well b/c it was a new person and all. Faith played appropriately with the toys given to her. She responded, in her own way, to requests, questions and even showed off some of her ASL w/o being asked to. The girl was VERY impressed with Faith, commenting that the biggest worry we are going to have with Faith is underestimating what she can do! We were extatic! She said that Faith demonstrated high levels of curiosity, high threshold for frustration and an easy going nature! She made alot of observations that even I hadn't noticed before. She said that she was clearly more cognitively developed than we had thought. She also said that she was very patient and was trying very hard to do things "just" right. Like, she had a bear and a spoon and a cup. The girl "stirred" the spoon in the cup and pretended to feed the bear, then gave the spoon to Faith. Faith got the bear in her lap, then she tried to put the spoon in the cup but it fell over, so she dropped the spoon and spent several minutes trying to get the cup back upright and in the same spot. Finally, she got it right and "fed" the bear. She told us that it was a very good sign that she is observant and persistant! Carl and I were on cloud 9! We walked out of there with the biggest smiles you have ever seen! It was such an uplifting visit, compared to our usual "bad news" visits! She said that Faith was very facinating and she though she could come up with alot of good suggestions for us with homeschooling! SOOOOOO HAPPY!!:)


Beverly said...

such great news. So happy for you guys

Amy Genn said...

that is awesome! She will go far!
Have you ever looked into Conductive Education? I think she would do really well in it! :)

Cjengo said...

Such awesome news!!!! hooray!!!!