Friday, September 11, 2009

Grandmommas, Cars and Llamas

A blind gentleman and a lady with unidentified special needs

What is that?

Mom, can I keep it?

Look at those eyes "BEE"

Oh, I love your hair!

Diving dogs!

I'm outta here!

So this week has been a fun filled week, we took off from all our therapies and Grandmamma came to visit! My mother is Faith's only grandmother, since Carl's mom passed when he was 15. She lives in NC, so we really only see her once or twice a yr. She had fun visiting the beautiful Blue Rdg Mountains that we call home ( there's nothin' like 'em! LOL), shopping at thrift stores and all of my cheap grocery hang outs!
We made a trip to Brevard, NC and Faith got to ride her first car ride(outside a grocery store)! FUN with a capital F! We also visited the NC Mountain State Fair on Fri., Carl took the day off and we boogied up to Fletcher, NC for the day. It's a very agricultural based fair with lots of animals, crafts, produce and of course rides and ridiculously priced food! It's is one of our fav. fairs! Faith loved seeing all the animals BUT from afar, NOT up close! There was a particular camel that was infatuated with her and her new wheelchair, but she DID NOT share the same affections for it! LOL!~ She got to ride a little fiberglass horse (you know, the kind that used to be outside the grocery store) and she LOVED it! I thought we were going to have to pack that thing up and take it home! She particularly enjoyed the craft building that had rows of amateur photography submissions, she rolled down each aisle and pointed at every single animal picture! SOOOO CUTE! I really liked the petting zoo, they gave us a bag of carrots for Faith to feed the animals but she was having nothing of that. So I partook! I got some great shots of some really cute Llamas, camels, goats, funky cows(bulls) and a few bovines that I couldn't identify

The other cool thing was that there were TONS of people with special needs there the same day, the first day of the fair. We saw a group from a group home about 20 or so w/ all sorts of people. Then I saw a whole bunch of elderly folks w/ walkers, wheelchairs and canes. I saw blind people and people with service dogs. It was sooooooo cool to not be alone out there and to see so many folks out enjoying the fair! I took a bunch of shots of folks I saw as I ventured around the fair. They all looked like they were having fun! Also we got special front row seats to the Frisbee dog and dock diving dog program! We were trying to find a place that Faith could see the dogs but no one would move over, so the MC of the program lifted the gate and gave us backstage access right up next to the dock, so Faith got to see the dogs jump right in the water! FUN! We also snuck in a couple of adults with CP with us and they had a blast, hooting and hollering and clapping! I will be posting some great pics of our adventures so enjoy!


Beverly said...

sounds like a great time! love all the photos!

Katy said...

Man, they closed our loval petting zoo. I want to take Charlie to this place where you can feed animals while they roam around, but my hubby said that I should wait til it cools off a little more.

Riding the horse makes me think that it might be time to take Charlie on a carousel ride.