Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WooooHoooooo! NEW CHAIR.....

Faith finally got her correct chair, today! We are so relieved and happy! It was much more appropriate in size for her as well as several features that we had asked for and not gotten in the smaller chair. She hates shoulder straps and on this new one we can take them off completely. It also has an adjustable crotch strap. In the smaller one, it was fixed in one place. Faith was so excited to have wheels again, she was pushing it all over Shriner's today. Back and forth, back and forth.
Her appointment went OK at Shriner's. We waited FOREVER to see our surgeon. When he finally came in, he examined her legs and feet and told me that he wants to do some additional muscle lengthening when he does her Gastrocs release surgery. Three muscles on her right foot across the top and one on the inside of her left foot. He said that it should help give her more flexibility in her feet. Right now, her right foot turns out in a weird way at the ankle and her left foot turns in, in the opposite way. I am actually happy about this prospect b/c if she gets more range in her legs and her feet hopefully she can begin walking and have a more natural gait.
The surgeon told us the whole surgery should take less than 2 hrs. and she will have about 4 small incisions on her right leg and two in her left leg. Very small, he said. He also said that she may be able to walk in her casts once she is cleared from surgery. I am skeptical about this but her PT said she has seen kids walking just a few days after surgery!
Well, the countdown begins... 40 days and counting. Please pray for her and for me to be strong during this time.


Ellen said...

Any surgery is scary, so I know how you feel, but it'll do Faith so much good. I am glad she got the chair!
I left you an award on the blog tonight, because I think you're doing a great job with this blog.

Amy Genn said...

Yikes! I'd be nervous, too!

We'll be praying for you! :)

Karen said...

I am so happy that Faith got her new chair! God is Good!

I will keep Faith in my prayers for her upcoming surgery. I will pray for you too that God will bring you great comfort and peace!


Beverly said...

happy your chair came in! sending prayers for you and Faith!

Anonymous said...

So that will be Nov 9? I'll be praying, too.

The information from the surgeon and PT is encouraging.