Monday, September 14, 2009

More thoughts on progress.....from a miracle veteran!

So, I have some more thoughts and remarks and reports on progress about the potential in our children. I had blogged about some of the miracles I have witnessed since Faith's birth. She continues to amaze me and catch me off guard, even me as her "Head Cheerleader" and of course, mother. We finally got her new wheelchair on Fri. morning, we were very excited and full of anticipation the night before. Unfortunately, the chair isn't right, she is already filling up the seat and almost at the max. possible adjustments on the chair. A fact, I pointed out to the equipment guy over 6 mo. ago when we were ordering it, asking if we should not get the next size up since she has to keep it for 5 yrs! Anyway, I digress, this chair was a big point of contention with the equipment guy, our therapist and us. We wanted a stroller type chair that did not look so much like a wheel chair that could fold up compactly but allow her the potential to learn to push it herself. We chose the Convaid Convertible Cruiser, with a stroller style and removable wheelchair wheels. A very nice chair that we really wanted. After much debate and MONTHS of arguments back and forth, we got everyone on board. The equipment guy and her therapist at the time did not think that Faith could learn to push a chair like that or maybe that she would not be able to manage it w/ her tone. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Of course, my miracle child proved everyone wrong! Today, her second time in this chair, while waiting for OT in the hallway....(one of her favorite places for miracles, you know, when she used her first sign) she put her little hands on the wheels and pushed that chair forward! Then backwards, then forwards again!!!! By afternoon, she was really getting the hang of things! She was sooo proud of herself! And of course, God showed me again to NEVER assume anything! We have not worked with her yet in this chair, mind you! She figured it out all on her own, that little rascal! She wanted to push it everywhere we went, even though she hasn't figured out the whole concept of holding on the outside part of the wheel. So when she pushes it she gets really dirty hands and she hasn't quite figured out to keep moving her hand back to keep going straight ahead. But I KNOW she will. We as parents of special children suffer with all kinds of uncertainty, it's a bad side effect of the job. But we MUST learn not to doubt or assume about our children. We all suffer from this at different stages. I know parents with adult special needs children, babies, and teenagers. The worst is for parents of young children, when you are just starting out on this rugged terrain and are so uncertain of our children's future potential. I KNOW I have been there! But they will find their own way to surprise us. They will, I promise! It may not be the things we had in mind or the way we had in mind or what we thought we wanted. But they do! I tell you the truth. My little girl is a rolling, giggling, happy, loving, carefree bundle of miracles! Just think about all of the small things that your child has overcome, just living is a miracle in itself. Especially if they had a traumatic birth or health problems that complicated their lives. But we must look at these children as miraculous gifts given to those who GOD has chosen for various reasons. I believe, in my heart of hearts that I was born to be the mother of this special girl. I know I say this alot but it is so deep in my heart there is no doubt! And I am proud to be that! I feel like I am blessed in ways that most people do not get the chance to be. I don't know why, I don't think I am special or anything crazy like that, but I do believe that I am BLESSED and so is my daughter. I hope that this inspires other parents like me out there, to look at the smallest things in a different light. GOD is performing miracles, every day, right in front of our eyes!


Beverly said...

you are blessed! Great job Faith!! Wow, she learned that fast, how to move the chair! You are a great Mom!

Cjengo said...

Great job!!!!!!!!!!!

therextras said...

Wow! Pushing herself is wonderful! I hate to read about problems ordering equipment. So common. I have a whole series on wheelchairs - linked in the middle column. I'm talking standers now.

Best, Barbara