Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not again...

So Friday, I got a call from our PT, our new PT. We have only been with her since May. She is so sweet and genuinely cares about Faith. Just when we finally feel like we are hitting our stride, together, BAM, she calls and tells me she is leaving our therapy center. I was heartbroken when I heard the message from her, I knew it wasn't good news. So I called her back and she delivered the bad news.
After several minutes of discussion about our options she makes the kindest gesture. She offers to talk to her new boss over at the main hosp. where she will be working and her "old boss" at our therapy center to see if they would allow her to come over once per week and treat Faith during her lunch break. How touching. We truly love her and will be so sad if they say no, but I wasn't passing on that offer! I know that it would be a burden for her to do that for us, but we have been through 3 therapist in the last 1 yr and 4 months.
The therapy center has gone through a lot of changes in the last yr and a lot of therapists, too. I am so tired of switching around, it's hard to connect w/ a new therapist, deal with equipment needs, finding ways to connect with Faith, preparing for surgeries. Then they leave! It stinks! I really hope that they will allow her to continue working with Faith but I don't know what we will do if she can't, the options are slim and slimmer still b/c of our scheduling needs. We have to drive over an hr, one way and we see her speech therapist on this one day. So we need someone who can work w/ us at lunch or just after it. Otherwise, it would mean a third trip to Anderson each week, which I can't do!
There is another therapist there, who is supposed to be really good and isn't having anymore kids of her own. But I have heard that she is really hard to get and everyone wants to get her when she has an opening. I guess I should try to talk to her this week, just as a back up plan.


TMI Tara said...

Your little Faith is so cute. I'm so sorry about the recent changes with her therapist.... that is so hard! I just loved my Chloe's PT, and I actually decided to stop going to her because we're doing a different therapy. THAT was hard too. She truly cares about Chloe and took it personally! Thankfully, we've been keeping in touch, and she understands that I'm just trying everything for Chloe's benefit. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and hopefully this closed door will open other doors to an even brighter future! Best wishes!

Michelle said...

Yes, change is difficult when you have to make the same change over and over. We had the same therapist for about 12 years (along with a few other's mixed in), and boy do we love her. I hope you guys will get a good one that you get to keep!

Cjengo said...

We finally got an incredible therapist, and I know it's so hard to lose them. Hang in there, and I hope she can come see her some

Anonymous said...

A common problem for which I am most sympathetic. The relationship is part of the effect in therapy and inconsistency is hard on relationships.

From the other side the moves of therapists are seldom personal to the patients. You are correct in acknowledging your PT's efforts to continue to work with Faith.