Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Backyard frogs and frontyard pumpkins

Mountain Chorus Frog
(Pseudacris brachyphona)
I love living in the country! When I was young, I always wanted to live in a big city, but things change, especially after having Faith. This was my view of the world outside, yesterday evening. I don't know where this huge pumpkin vine came from, but it just sprung up almost overnight in our FRONTYARD! It's a few feet long, already! Carl was cutting the grass and agreed to leave it to see what happens. We tried growing them last yr, way away from this spot but they couldn't keep up with the drought conditions and fizzled out before they ever got THIS big. After all, who else is going to see it besides our neighbors who live half a mile down the dirt road! Seriously, ya'll, our town doesn't even have a stop light!
Then after dark, we had a sudden rain shower, I was getting ready to let the dog out to go pee and I saw this cute little frog on our door! We don't usually see too many frogs, mostly we see toads, but this little guy was just looking right in our house! Actually, he was pretty big for a frog of his kind, he just posed for his pics and didn't move an inch. I am such a nature girl, I love frogs! It just made my day, to have a visitor (who wasn't human!) and new life in our yard. So, do any of you live in the country? What things do you see out there? Any neat, unusual things? Who WANTS to live in the country?
PS. Thanks, Honey, for the cute title! I love you!


Michelle said...

Wow, isn't that amazing? A pumpkin in the front yard. Let us know how/if it matures. By the way, I have a story of a princess and a frog on my blog today.

Beverly said...

how cool, pumpkins and frogs. I would love Noah to see a frog but we have not seen one here. We live on an old Airforce base that will be closing in two years. It is nice and sweet living on base, like the comfort of an old small town in the large city we live in. There was a bob cat running around here last year, we didnt see him though. We mostly see birds and keep them fed.

We will start school back up the first week of Sept. how about you?