Friday, August 14, 2009

follow ups

Well, I thought I had gotten my follow up post, posted, but something happened and it never did.

Our appt. worked out, after a late night call from the scheduling nurse. The phycologist agreed to see us on her lunch break... HOW NICE OF HER!!! HEHEHEHEHE we got our revenge in the end, we kept her for almost 2 hrs!! LOL!

They gave us about 50 pgs of materials and evaluations and suggestions for Faith. They did give her yet another dx... Cognitive disorder-NOS (not otherwise specified). Instead of a more socially unaccepted set of terms, which other drs' have suggested. They said that Faith was understanding way more than anyone thinks, that she probably could have been tested closer to her age range if she could express herself more and do more fine motor skills. Basically, she tested in the 20-22 month catagory. (She is 5 1/2 now). Which really wasn't too much of a surprise. They also said that we needed to get her into some groups with children her own age that were typical, developing children. They gave us a list of things to focus on and a list of tests that they want her to take next yr, if she can do reliable y/n type decisions.

We did get chastized a little in a paragraph... Let me defend us here, first. When she was testing, she saw a picture of a warthog.. she wanted me to tell her the sign. Now I FREELY admitt I DO NOT KNOW the sign for warthog! I know pig but not warthog!!!LOL! So in the summery of the test it was said that the parents needed to learn more ASL and keep way ahead of Faith in signing. Now, Carl and I have learned over 200 signs in the last 12 months. We try to stay ahead, learning a few each week and as she wants to know a specific one. But we have had no formal training, learning on our own, through books, internet, asl dictionary(that I carry in my purse, by the way!)!!! I felt a little dumped on! Anyone out there know the sign for warthog? I am serious here, people.
They also gave other suggestions, like if she sees a big dog and signs dog, I should say/sign
"Yes that's a BIG DOG~!" D_U_H! You'r kidding? Or when they were talking about sorting objects... After the child can master simple sorting like spoons and balls into two different containers, you can move to more complicated sorting like spoons and knives! YES FOLKS, THEY SUGGESTED GIVING MY S.N. CHILD KNIVES TO SORT!!! Carl and I couldn't stop laughing, it's going to be a running joke in the house now!
I guess we did get some good suggestions and an idea of where to start focusing with education. I am thankful for that! But most of the stuff was no big surprise for me. The woman did pay us a couple of nice comments, saying that we were the first family that she did not give a personal/family questionaire to, b/c we were so informed about Faith's conditions. GREAT, gee, thanks!


Cjengo said...

Hey there, can't believe they suggested sorting knives. hahaha

Beverly said...

I have a site that I used to go to when Noah was younger and we signed more with him. I will find it and email it on to you. We had a ton of books and that was about all we did. As he began to use words he dropped the signs but he still will do them, mostly more or all done, thank you, sorry. Sounds like Faith is doing great. I wouldnt feel bad, you are doing great!