Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hotlanta, I mean Atlanta!

YEAH! Today we made it to our first homeschooling convention in Atlanta! We just found out about it yesterday, so I asked Hubby and he was like "Heck Yeah, let's go!". So we went! We got up at the crack of dawn and hit good ole I-85 down to Hotlanta! Now I will say that I hold few fond memories of Atl., after spending 2 months down there in 2007. Faith and I spent 8 wks at the Marcus Inst. for feeding school. I was miserable and lonely the entire time. Anyway, we made it there and spent the day. It was our first one, as I said, and we were totally unprepared for the chaos and people. It was shoulder to shoulder the entire time, (which isn't good for wheelchairs!). We did get to see alot of cool stuff, sat in on a great seminar about special needs children and met a really neat guy who started a therapy play center for special needs children. His daughter has sensory processing disorder and he wanted a place where children could come and just play on safe stuff that also provided therapy for them! He said it was the only one of it's kind in the U.S.! Very cool, we even got a free pass to visit! Can't wait to go. The seminar that we went to was great, this woman who put it on did work with families and w/ the schools to identify how to help s.n. children learn different concepts like reading, for instance. She was also a h.sing mom of 3, one with dislexia. She had alot of good resources and programs. She also pointed out some great things that I had been thinking in my head about Faith but wasn't sure about. Like about the importance of instilling lifeskills as primary learning and not making the academics the biggest focus. She talked about teaching your children to be functional adults who are pleasant to be around and can do things for themselves. I know I am rabbling but I was very excited. Anyhow, we are off to our second convention, in Charlotte, next weekend. Hopefully, we can be more prepared and not so scatterbrained.

Side Note: I just got word that Faith's wheelchair was approved by TEFRA and has ACTUALLY beenn ordered! After MONTHS of waiting and fighting and trying to get things through the system, we did! Her PT said that the mobility co. ordered it last Fri. and they said it should be in by the end of Aug.!!!!! I can't believe it! She said that "everything" was approved, which I hope means that they approved a tray for her chair, too. SOOOO HAPPY!


Beverly said...

happy you got to go to a convention. I have been wanting to go to one but we missed the last one here. Glad you will be getting the new chair you ordered! I am hoping to get an adapted jogging stoller for Noah, we have a regular adapted McClarene(sp?)stroller and it is great, we love it!

Jenny said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I can't wait to read more of yours.

Homeschool conventions are so fun. Our local one is every Spring and I look forward to it all year!

How exciting that you found programs and people that can help with special needs. That's the great thing about homeschooling, there are so many different families with all backgrounds that can come together and help each other.

Congrats on the new wheelchair, that has to be a huge relief!

Your daughter and your little kitty are so cute!

Cjengo said...

Sounds like a great informational meeting, and hooray for the wheel chair!!!