Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Authentic Me...

Carla, over at So this is Holland, was so kind to list me as an Authentic Mom... So I am supposed to list five things that make me feel authentic! Here we go..

1. I KNOW that I put my daughter first. Unlike so many of our own parents and previous generations, I value my daughter and the honor I have to raise her. I know I can rest easy, when I lay down at night, doing my best for her.

2. Seeing that I inspire our friends and family and I hope help them to see the fragility of life and how we should not waste one minute we have with our children.

3. I feel this is MY calling in life... I used to think it was something fantastic and newsworthy...but now I am honored and satisfied with being the best mom to the best girl in my world.

4. I have walked down a path I never expected or wanted to but have SURVIVED! I can now say I know more about many medical issues than alot of medical professionals! I am an EXPERT on CP, seizures, communication problems and adapting (in life and equipment)!

5. I am truly happy to be home with my daughter.... THRILLED.... and I am so thankful that God has blessed me with compassion, love, committment, dilligence and patience with her. I see parents, every day, who can't stand to spend their days with their children.

Now I am supposed to pass this TAG along to five other authentic moms....
1. Amy- Eli's mom

2.Jenn- Jude's mom

3.Amber- Jacob and Grace's mom

4.Beverly- Noah's mom

5.Karen-Faith's mom over at On Having Faith


Beverly said...

Wow, what a great list you have! Thanks for passing it on to me!

Amber said...

Thank you! I will get on this ;0)