Friday, November 27, 2009

Our house....Courtesy of Regal Homes

So, Lovely Katy, over at Bird On The Street, asked me to post about our house and it's handicap access design.... We started the process 3 yrs ago. Our old house was Carl's childhood home with virtually no way to adapt it: doors were 28" in most of the rooms and all the rooms ran down a very long hallway, the bath was so small that two people could hardly fit in it and her playroom was down steps. We knew, as Faith got bigger, we were going to need a new house. We started scoping out different builders but quickly came up to REGAL HOMES. They build lots of houses in our area and quite a few subdivisions.

We decided to go with them if they could make some adaptations and accommodations for Faith. We looked at dozens of houses and plans, finally choosing the Ellington design. A four bedroom with open living room, kitchen and dining room. We knew we needed to get rid of the hall way to the extra bedrooms and one bedroom was going to be a playroom. So we sat down with Bob and he laid out a plan for a single level house with 3 bedrooms and a playroom with no hallways and all totally handicap accessible. I cannot say enough good things about Regal, as they made changes for us that they had never done all for no additional cost to us!!!!

They put ramps into every exterior door, push lever handles one every door, each door/way is at least 36", handicap accessible shower instead of a tub with raised toilet and roll up sink instead of cabinets. They also added four extra feet across in Faith's bedroom and a huge walk in closet with extra wide door, as well as a patio door with ramp out of her room. They were so kind to us, we are so thankful! It has made our lives so much easier especially as she has gotten bigger and more difficult to carry. She can get around the entire house, open any door (gotta be careful!) and hop around wherever she wants. After we signed the paperwork to start the house, it was finished in just 3 short months! I will say we spent A LOT of time deciding on features and layout of houses - months! And we had a very caring and understanding builder who did whatever he could to help make our house perfect for us. I also had to include a pic of my fav. piece of equipment... VIDEO MONITOR!!!!