Friday, November 6, 2009


I am so happy to report that we found out today, that we got into the Ronald McDonald house! We have been so busy, this week and I was so worried about what we would do, if we didn't get in. But I got the call and at the very least, we have it for 4 days! Faith has been sneezing a little for a couple of days and I really pray that it is just the leaf allergies and not a cold or something worse. We have made so many plans, getting sick now would be a disaster! Poor Carl is dragging so bad after all the work he's been doing. He has been going in at 4 am and some nights not getting off til 7pm. He has to have 70 hrs in by Sun and he is trying to get them all in so he can be off on Sunday to help pack. I know it's hard for him with going to school and all, too, but I told him that he should be thankful that he has a job. So many people would kill to work 70 hrs or any hrs, at all! So he should be really happy when he gets his paycheck in a few weeks!~

I am still looking for entries into my Miracle Veteran contest.... One more addition, we have wonderful Karen , who gives us a look at the miracle of all of her children and her son Timothy, who survived Leukemia.

Please keep us in your prayers!


Karen said...

Hi Candace,

Yeah for getting into the Ronald McDonald house! i know that can be hard to do!

I just got my post up. I hope it is on the lines of what you were looking for.

Praying for you all!


Katy said...

Great news!

You have a good Hubby working all those crazy hours so he can be helpful.

Amber said...

Yay! for the Ronald House!!! That is always a huge relief! :0) Man...we know all too well...those "please don't get sick" moments before surgery!
Praying she stays well...and everything "falls" into place.

Beverly said...

great news! happy for you

ParkerMama said...

That Ronald McDonald house is such a blessing!