Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cabin Fever...

What day is today? Saturday, Monday, Friday? I am loosing track of time... I haven't left the house since Saturday and I am beginning to have cabin fever. Of course, I am glad that we have some free time but this is ridiculous! We do have an appointment at the hospital, tomorrow, but in a way I am dreading it. I have yet to try to transport her by myself anywhere and I am kind of freaky! She is so hard to move and get in the car with two people doing it.... Maybe I need to find a helper chimp to lift her and get her in her wheelchair!! LOL! I want to get out of the house but I am nervous about the ordeal. I guess we will find out tomorrow, I don't really have a choice. Except maybe getting Carl to help me load her in the car before he goes to work and just driving around for a few hrs before we have to go! Just kiddin'! Last night she had her first vomiting episode since we returned home- I got in there before it was too bad but after she wretched "all" of it out, I thought she was done and moved the bucket. S-P-L-A-T all over her knee immobilizers! It soaked all the way through, too. So we HAD to take them off and she had to go to bed without them. I decided to try washing them although I wasn't sure it would work. But they did come out OK- they got clean anyway, can't say a lot for the smell! When we go to the hospital tomorrow I am going to try to get them to give us another pair. I decided I am going to go buy a box of those cast protectors to avoid this problem, in the future. On the positive side, Faith's new Crocodile gait trainer is in. The delivery guy showed up today to deliver it, although he had to take it back b/c it was missing a certain piece that we ordered. BUT it's here and that is saying A LOT b/c it was just ordered less than 2 wks ago! Remember we waited over 7 months for Faith's wheelchair! This time we used a pharmacy that specializes in equipment (although not pediatric) and they rocked it out! They called last Tues. and said it had been ordered Monday and expected it this week but then approval thru TEFRA would take up to 30 days. I just can't believe that they worked it all out that quickly! AMAZING! I bet they will be getting some business now from our therapy center! It's quite nice and folds up pretty flat. Very modern looking, too. So that's my fascinating life. I will leave you with some sweet photos of Faith and our cat and a beautiful close up of her while we were reading, today... she has her daddy's eyes!


Anonymous said...

Photo with kitty - aaaww.

So pretty. Looking forward to seeing her with her new equipment.

TMI Tara said...

That 2nd pic of her is breathtaking. What a beauty!