Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have mentioned that Faith is going to be Laura Ingalls for Halloween. I am excited about her costume, much of which I sewed, myself. So I was wondering about all of my bloggy friends out there and what your kids (or you) are going to be for the big day? This is the first yr that Faith has been interested in dressing up, she gets so excited when she sees her costume and actually came over, the other day, and snatched it off the table, as I was sewing the apron. SO cute! We had plans to go to the BOO AT THE ZOO, last Fri. but we drove over an hr to get there and the zoo had cancelled it for the members that night. We were really bummed out! On the upside, she did get a free pumpkin from the local grocery store! She is so obsessed with pumpkins! I think we are going to try to go to the next town over and let her trick or treat downtown, so we don't have to unload her chair a hundred times that night. We got her a little basket for authenticity, instead of a candy bag. This is the first yr that my baby sister won't be going with Faith, so I am a little anxious about her going with just us. Ashley was always good at bridging the gap between Faith and other people.
So tell me what your plans are, I am gathering good ideas. Look foward to hearing from everyone!


Cjengo said...

HOW CUTE, I love Laura Ingalls!! Em is going to be a fifties girl, and Jude is going to match.

Beverly said...

how sweet, what a great pick and cant wait to see the photos! Noah is going to be Buzz Light Year, but he may change his mind like last year, he changed his clothes. He loves dressing up too.