Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Girls Scouts

So Faith's second Girl Scouts meeting was Thurs. and it was so great! I got to introduce Faith and explain that she used sign language to communicate. I even showed the children some basic signs and they all tried them! Towards the end, two older girls came over and one girl said that she had a deaf family member who used sign language and showed me some she knew. They were so sweet and they played with Faith. I asked them if I could take a picture of them with Faith and before I knew it, the whole group was gathered around Faith's chair and we got the pic! I actually felt like they accepted Faith and that she had made some of her first friends, outside of our family and close circles. She charmed them with her smile and I sort of bribed them with some Halloween candy. One little girl said she had an older sister named Faith and several of the girls helped Faith when her beaded bracelet broke and spilled all over the floor. I showed them how to sign their own names and they all excitedly tried. I was so relieved and thrilled that they were kind to her and am praying that she will be permanently accepted.


Cjengo said...

How cute!!!! If I lived closer I would buy cookies when you guys sell them. So glad to see she is fitting in. Wow, you guys give us hope for sure.

therextras said...

Good reason to be hopeful, Candace! Those girls will benefit greatly from knowing Faith and your help to learn how to interact with her. Barbara

Amy Genn said...

So cute! I"m so happy for you!

and look at her hair!!!! Wow you guys have some thick rockin' hair!
Amy -
a girl with fine wimpy hair.

Amber said...

I LOVE this post...these girls lives will be enriched by what they learn from Faith! I love it, love it. Sweet girl...it makes my heart smile to see these pics!

Beverly said...

so exciting! looks like a great night