Thursday, October 15, 2009

Well, since....

Well, since I haven't been getting much response from my posts about the simple things I am going to post some about my days with Faith and the treasures that I hold in my heart.

Most days we have doctors appointments or therapies. I feel like we are always on the road! I shuttle her from office to therapy to labs to hospitals. I can't remember the last time I just got in my car and drove somewhere just for the fun of it! We may have one day a week when we get to sit at home and "do" nothin'! I used to hate staying at home but as Faith has changed most things in my life, she has changed this too! I treasure it now.
On these rare days we will sleep in a little to like 8:30 am (gasp!) well, mostly I sleep and she abuses me with pillows, smothers me with the blankets and throws her beloved bears at the dog, sleeping on the floor! It's a riot, I really should video it! When we get up, I will usually turn on her favorite TV show (the only one she watches) It's Me or the Dog . She loves to comment on different dogs and I love to watch her when she sees a new one! "Ahna, Ahna, Ahna" (in increased pitch and volume) then she will gleefully point at the TV, when I acknowledge her.
We usually will read a few books (over and over and over again) and she will often collect little trinkets and cart them around the house. At these moments, I think how blessed we are to have our girl here with us, although battle scarred. She brings us joy in little things like closing us in the utility room and sitting in front of the door so we can't get out then opening the door and peaking around the corner to see if we are still there! SO CUTE!
We also like to practice coloring (scribbling) with the best invention of all times, Color wonder markers and paints. She loves to color but she loves to change markers even more! So she will scribble one or two lines then chuck her marker at the marker box (Faithspeak for get me another color, please!) She recently learned about pumpkins (by accident) so we have been fostering an interest in SPOOKY things. So I bought her some orange pumpkins like they put on walls at schools and we have been scribbling our hearts out, decorating the whole house with them!
We spend a lot of time together but she also plays independently. I have always let her play by herself b/c she works on things, more patiently, that will help her as she grows. Her favorite playtime thing to do is play in front of the mirror. You would think she was a diva or something! LOL! But actually this is therapeutic play! She will sit in front of it and take off her pants then pull them back on, sometimes getting her two legs into one hole and looking like a mermaid! She practices these movements over and over in different positions like sitting, lying down, on her knees. And it makes her so happy! I believe that this kind of play is crucial to her development and has taught her patience, something that cannot always be taught to children like Faith by another person.
I hold each of these days in my heart, in a special file marked Faith days. They are treasured in my heart because it's during these times that I can see how much she is really like other kids.


Anonymous said...

Your previous post was sweet, but this one is SWEET!

What a wonderful lifestyle you have created for Faith.


BusyLizzyMom said...

I love those stay at home days too, you are right they are so rare but so cherished.
We have been getting ready for Halloween here too. ELizabeth has hid all her spooky lights in her closet and has her own haunted house. I love hearing her in there singing Halloween songs with her favourite dinosaur.
I also have the bad habit of getting extra sleep in the morning with Elizabeth in my bed watching tv.