Friday, October 9, 2009

The Simple Things (part 1)

I have always been drawn to the simpler things of life. I want our lives to be happy, loving, simple (as possible) and innocent. Since Faith was born these things have become so important to me. I want to protect her fragile life in whatever ways we can.
That said, I am drawn to thoughts of my grandmother and her life and how she lived. I remember her childhood stories of growing up on the prairies of Kansas. It also makes me think of how those simpler times were achieved. How did children stay innocent and how did parents stay together and how did families survive through difficult times?
I remember that my grandmother used to tell me about how she conducted herself and her marriage and her parenting styles. She never argued with my grandfather in front of her children or other people (I really need to work on this!) She always wrote thank you notes and kept detailed gift records at Christmas. (I really need to work on this too!) She always disciplined with love and if the children needed spanking on her watch then she did it and never threatened them. I never felt like she was mad at me, even if I screwed up. Maybe disappointed but never angry! How did she do that?

I think we have gotten away from so many of these VITAL things as a nation and as families. We have become so focused on the ways of the world that we have lost our identity. I yearn for a simple way of life, like my grandmother used to talk about. Families together, doing their daily routines, loving each other and striving to do the right things for their families and others. We have tried to implement many of these things in our daily lives. They give me meaning and make me feel like we are giving Faith a stable, loving home. One that she can always feel safe and happy in, no matter what her physical challenges are.

One thing that we do is spend our free time together. Our weekends are always filled with little trips and adventures, we get out and do fun, simple things like picnics, walking trails and festivals. We enjoy spending time together as a family.

I am trying to sort all of this out in my own mind and reach for this simpler life. I will be posting some more about how things have changed and how we might get back to simpl(er) living.

I would love to hear some stories about your attempts to simplify your family's life and what things have worked for you.


Beverly said...

look forward to hearing more on what you are doing. Simple life sounds wonderful!

therextras said...

Funny how it requires some effort to live simpler - but it requires effort to hold back so much of what is considered 'normal'. Like a tv on all the time. Not us. We do not have cable (never have) and watch tv rarely.

We cook from scratch way more than any one else we know. Doesn't mean we are rigid about it, but cooking slows down life significantly.

Candace said...

Dr Boucher, Those are great ideas. We come and go with the tv. But I would like to use it much less!