Thursday, October 22, 2009


I love Halloween time. The weather finally starts to get cooler in South Carolina and the leaves begin to change. If you remember back in Aug., I posted about our wierd, random pumpkin vine that appeared in our front yard. Well the vine grew and grew and grew, at last measure it was over 25 feet! It was huge! Well the vine finally died after the cold spurt we had last week and we picked our punkin! It wasn't big and certainly not magnificent but we grew it ourselves and we are proud of it! If you look at the pic on the top it's the little on in the wreath. Faith just loves it! Also Faith lost her third tooth, on Tues.! She seems to be loosing them all in a row across the bottom. We had plans to go up to Cade's Cove, Tenn., last weekend but my mom got sick and wasn't able to make it. So we are praying for chance to go this weekend. Faith has started Girl Scouts, her second meeting is today. I am hoping for better results than last week and I am prepared to do a little bribing (we made halloween candy bags for each of the girls) in hopes that they will be more likely to come over and interact with Faith.


Amber said...

So festive! I love it!! You are totally cool for growing your own pumpkin!! :0)

Karen said...

Hi Candace,

Just stopping by to say Hi.

Just a random pumpkin vine, how funny is that? So cool that you got a pumpkin from it! We have had random corn stalks. Our development is surrounded by farms, so a bird probably drops them?!?!?!

Cooler weather has definitely been a welcome sight here. I am always hot, so at least now I am a little more comfortable.


Amy Genn said...

cute display! I love decorating for Fall..usually....but this year I'm just not feeling it. Life is hard right's always next year! :)

Find things the girls have in common. What movies does Faith like? Games? Etc....ask the girls, "Do you like Blue's Clues?"
Then say, "so does Faith!"

You know - like that. That's what I've been told anyway. Bridge the gap...

Good luck!!!

Beverly said...

love the decorations! for some reason I have not done any this year. I usually love to do so. Have fun tonight!

Anonymous said...

Your decorations are lovely! All the more special with that beautiful home grown pumpkin!

Hannah said...

What a beautiful fall display! Love it :)