Monday, January 11, 2010

A day in the life of........ M-O-M

This morning I hit the phone hard, before therapy. Trying to get a decent appointment for Faith at the epilepsy appointment, trying to reschedule a crappy appointment at Shriner's and get new decompression tubes for our new G tube...all of this before our first therapy at 10 am! Shriner's weren't at the phones...on to pediatrician, girl helping us was late today, so no luck there....decompression tubes ready, just drive an hour to pick them up (btw...I forgot to pick them up!)! About 10 am, we get a call from MUSC with an acceptable appointment....YES! Call ped's office to let them know...get to therapy...lunch with daddy...then on to our next therapy, an hour away! When my feet finally hit the front door of our house at 4:30, I still had to call Shriner's. So I put in the call and BAM, I hit the brick wall of the day! Our surgeon/doctor is only seeing CP patients on Wed from 12-3 pm. Which is our current therapy schedule. I hate to miss therapy b/c we have missed so much in the past few months, not to mention we now have to cancel on the 20th for the epilepsy center! The girl running the appointment desk was no help! She wouldn't work with me for anything until late March! So much for our 4 week follow up! I had to settle for an appointment with a doctor we've never met at the end of the month during a scoliosis clinic! Just a funny comment she made about what an important man said doctor is and how busy he is that he doesn't have time to see the CP kids any other times! I almost fell in the floor! I bet I could give Mr. Busy Man a run for his money!


Anonymous said...

Well, Dr. Important will find out, won't he? hehe. Looks a good score for the day, s'long as you can go get the tubes tomorrow.

I hope it turns out to be better than you expect - you know....seems like whenever I would get a recommendation for a good hairstylist (back when I was single) the answer was how good Mr. Scissorhands was BUT he was difficult to get an appt with and you always had to wait because he took his time with each client. (See Barbara roll her eyes.)

Hope you don't mind my silly story. Barbara

Keri said...

Busy, busy.... something us mom's know way too much about. I've had these days too and sadly there are many more to come. It's all part of the territory, but a territory worth fighting for. Superb job Mom!