Wednesday, January 27, 2010


OOOOOhhhh Baby, I am IN love!
Since Faith is nonverbal for the most part (with the exception of a few approximations) we have been exploring the world of augmentative communication. We have checked out a few things but to be honest...I hate most of them. They are hard to carry or difficult to work or have ten million pieces/PES tags or are awkward. Our therapist has suggested several but I have been draggin' my feet b/c I know we aren't going to use them like we should, if they aren't practical!

SO of course, today, I about died when I saw Apple's latest product...THE I PAD! This is what I have been screamin' about for....well... forever! I kept saying an iphone would be a great product for Faith except she couldn't manipulate the small screen. But with a 9 in screen and tons of apps, well, I believe this is the wave of the future for kids like her!
Most of the comm. devices run into the thousands of dollars and in SC, you get it better be what you will use for the rest of your life! How likely is that with a six year old? Not very! But we might be able to swallow $600, with our tax refund. We googled some of the apps and they already have a aug. com app for the iphone and a PES app! Did I mention....I am in love?
Think about it....access to the Internet and an infinite amount of apps, websites, tools and anything else you can imagine. This is the dream tool for Faith...I am convinced! With it's light weight-1 1/2 lbs and thin screen- 1/2 inch- it would be so easy to carry around with us compared to so many other systems that require you to record your voice or have thousands of pictures to carry around! I am tellin' you this is so cool! I am already plotting how to get this tool for her....Anyone else out there feelin' me? Have you heard about this on the horizon for special needs kids?

BTW- here is a link for Proloquo2Go- the apps program for Apple's iphone- freakin' awesome!


The Henrys said...

Thanks for sharing this! I hate all of the systems that we have tried to use and we have never stuck with one. I am convinced that we need a type of electronic device. I would at least like to try one.

I will be looking at this very soon!

Katy said...

There's a cheap-o app for the iphone as well--costs about thirty dollars and has the basics. Also, there's a stylus from the Proloquo people that you can lay over the screen to help with selections. I'm excited about all the touch pad technology myself--I have high hopes it will help Charlie as well.

Jen said...

This is not a self promo, I absolutely promise but have a look here as I blogged about a new PECS app for iPhone just last week. It won't be expensive at all, some of the apps are very expensive. It will be released sometime this quarter and I too am in love with the iPhone. Jen.

therextras said...

We all think alike! (We have great minds!)

Now to go check out that link to apps. Thanks, Candace!


Jen said...

Hi:) I couldn't contact you via your profile so will just shout you here. I can let you know when that iPhone app is out if you want, it will work with the iPad. Jen.

Karen said...

I pray that this works out for you! It sounds like a great new gadget.

My 18 year old son was so excited when he heard this was out. He is a big Apple fan, but he won't be able to afford one anytime soon! :)


jimmyandmelissa said...

I came across your site while researching the Ipad for a technologhy class I am taking. I am a parent who is back in college for elem ed. The info you posted has been very helpful to me in my research and will be used in my class blog.

I just wanted to wish you and Faith luck with the Ipad. She is absolutey beautiful and I want her awewome hair!!!!

Good luck,

Beverly said...

cool. i love proloquo2go. we have not bought it for the itouch yet, still thinking on it.