Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MUSC update...

Well, we made it to Chucktown, safely!
Faith had her epilepsy appointment, this morning. Dr. Wannamaker was very excited about how few seizures she has had in the last three months, just two. He said, clearly, something else was needed to help her.
He ordered some labs and we had them drawn, after our appointment. I had always heard that you didn't have to check Keppra levels, like you do with Tegretol, but he wanted a blood level for it. So I asked why and he said that some of the new seizure drugs out there are advertising that you don't have to check levels but that's not entirely true.
So he said that he might try to up her dose, a little, to give her an extra buffer once he sees her levels. We also talked to him about "getting rid" of our neuro back home. He said he wanted us to have someone close to home so if we had an emergency we could get help but he is happy to treat her and see us every few months. Great, that's better than our current guy, LOL!
So it was a great visit. He said that Faith looked better and more alert and interactive than she had been in January, after all those seizures. We will go back in Sept, barring any major issues and we will also continue to see our old neuro (I guess).

We got out, afterwards and did a little exploring around John's island and our favorite place Rosebank Farms out near Kiawah island. Faith had fun looking at all the beautiful azaleas. We also met a wonderful woman in Mt. Pleasant today who has an 18 yr old daughter who had a stroke at birth. She was lovely and we talked for over an hour! I asked her all kinds of questions and I was thinking about several of our friends out in bloggie land when she told me her daughter suffered with infantile spasms. So she gave me a run down of some of their experiences. It was just one of those "meant to be" moments, when people's paths cross. It was so cool to meet her and we exchanged email address' to keep in touch!

We are heading down to Edisto Island, tomorrow for a little more fun before we have to head back to reality. This last picture is at a local off leash dog park, yesterday. Gandy had fun meeting tons of new dogs but I think Faith had more fun meeting them all!


Katy said...

She looks so pretty

Our neuro is testing Charlie's levels for Keppra as well, so maybe it's the new thing!

Lisa said...

I'm glad it went well.

The Henrys said...

I'm so glad everything went well. How wonderful it is to have an amazing doctor??

Glad you are getting away and having some fun!

Cjengo said...

Pretty pics! Also, thank you for thinking of me!

Jen said...

Brilliant news! Lovely pics too, looks like it was a lovely day:) Jen.

Junior said...

glad to hear the appt. went well

beautiful pictures, looks like you guys are having fun.

Beverly said...

the photos look great and glad you are and about having fun. happy for the good report