Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today, at Girl Scouts, the children had a very special treat...
A former, Women Air Force Service Pilot from WWII!
This woman's story is fantastic and amazing, of how she and over 1,000 other women in the 1940's opened to door to many freedoms we enjoy today.
During WWII, these women were trained as service pilots to fly military mission, here in the U.S., so their male counterparts could be released into foreign service.
You can read more about this amazing woman and the WASP's here.
Mrs. Lois Nash
She and just over 300 surviving service pilots recently received a much deserved
Congressional Gold Medal, in March.
Her stories were fascinating and I could just visualize what it must have been like to be a female pilot during that time. We all listened with baited breath as she described a failed engine during a mission to transport wounded servicemen.
These women were my grandmother's generation, a generation of women who deserve GREAT respect.

Faith getting help to sign "airplane" to show Mrs. Nash...

Faith's friend helped Faith practice signing and blowing a kiss and giving a hug before she wheeled Faith over and told her to do those things to our guest. I thought that was such a wonderful thing for her to do for Faith and for Mrs. Nash.
I have a special affinity, in my heart, for this generation. These women ventured out and did something women had never done, in service to their country.
What's that quote about well behaved women.....?


Carla said...

"Well behaved women rarely make history"
I think Elenor Roosevelt said that?
What a great post:)

Jen said...

Hi, welcome back. I thought you might be gone away for a few days as you weren't around. Amazing women, my grandmother was a carpenter during the war, which I always found funny and impressive at the same time. I like the quote though, I must remember it for when I misbehave:) Jen.

April said...

Love seeing her learn to sign airplane- so sweet!

Mo said...

This lucky girl gets so many wonderful experiences!!

Katy said...

I have some female pilot friends and believe me, it's not easy these days--I can't imagine what it was like back then--so much admiration for them breaking down the doors for the women came after.

Jo said...

Wow, talk about an inspiration! I'll bet she made a big impression on Faith - and vice versa.